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Desc:You can clean that up however you want...
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:hammer, recycling, hard drive, adventures with jim, one mans trash...
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Comment count is 15
James Woods
I love this place.
That seems like a lot of labor for .12 in scrap aluminum.

This guy is essentially Lawrence, Peter's neighbor from 'Office Space'.
Don't forget the sweet magnets.

He looks and sounds an awful lot like Bob Ross.

This may or may not be a huge waste of time.
5 stars.
Oscar Wildcat
If you're gonna shuck a hard drive like a clam, you ought to be able to do it in less time than it takes to just unscrew the screws.
I love how he takes a ridiculously long time with a convoluted pickaxe process because it's somehow faster than just using a screwdriver for a minute.

The hard drive that takes up the majority of this video appears to be a Western Digital Caviar 22100, which had a 2.1GB capacity. At one time that was more storage than anyone could possibly need. Now that's just the capacity of a shitty thumb drive.
Apparently that model came out in 1997. Price of a ~2GB hard drive in 1997? 9 to 9.

At least according to this:

Billy the Poet
This man is great, but his fingernails repulse me.
this guy's great, he also has a video where he goes to the park with a metal detector, gets excited about finding some pennies, and farts.
More from this guy, please.
And more sounds of that neighborhood.

There's another video in the hopper of "Adventures with Jim"

Talking and pointing with the stub of a lit cigarette. I swear I know at least 5 people exactly like this guy.
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