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Category:Stunts, Horror
Tags:death wish, acrophobia, cliff, NOPE!, Mount Hua
Submitted:Koda Maja
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The Mothership
My palms were not as sweaty as when I watched the guy scaling the transmission tower to go to work, but still this is hair raising stuff.

There are a number of other helmet cam videos of various tourists hiking this trail, each of them amazing.
yeah that one

also the one of the bored russian teens doing pullups on the crane

"What kind of path would make it worth mentioning whether or not you used a safety harness?"

*plays video*

Dude's not even using a helmet cam he's just holding it with his free hand. I like how he tries the "ladder" one handed, then says "uhhh nope" two rungs in.
Mountains are fun, don't give gravity an opinion.
I didn't quite understand what he said at the beginning....why is the video camera there? It sounds like he says you have to pay to walk there, but I couldn't quite understand it.
I think he said that there's a guy who sells safety harnesses, and he was hoping to slip past him without being forced to buy one.

I think he's on his way back in this video, so he's probably worried he'll get caught on the way out and have to pay the .

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