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Desc:The old man is dead, but his specter still haunts these halls.
Category:Crime, Classic TV Clips
Tags:60 Minutes, Andy Rooney, oh grandpa, crazy useless old man
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Comment count is 10
dek863 - 2012-12-06
Andy Rooney had the easiest god damn job on the planet.
Screwtape - 2012-12-07
Yeah, but being a corpse doesn't pay too much.

Racketeer - 2012-12-06
So he hates listicles! Nowadays they're worse, because you have to wait for the next few items to load!
Blue - 2012-12-07
Why are they such odd numbers? Would he rather they drop or add items to make it come out to an even number?
Blue - 2012-12-07
Also, yes, people ask questions about orgasm. Fuck you, old man. Sex is important to just about everybody and the only people that tell you it isn't and shouldn't be are trying to rape or facilitate the rape of kids.
Koda Maja - 2012-12-07
20 fascinating women in politics? I don't believe it.
duck&cover - 2012-12-07
"Back in my day, women stayed in the kitchen and didn't meddle in things they didn't understand, like politics."
joelkazoo - 2012-12-07
Jesus, did Andy EVER understand ANYTHING?
Hooker - 2012-12-07
I've seen a lot of Andy Rooney bits, and I often wonder why they're not better.

Also, the tag is "crazy useless old man." This is important.
boner - 2012-12-07
No time to watch this, I have to read "23 Rejected Final Bosses from Famous Video Games" on Cracked.com
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