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Desc:The conclusion to Jim Haggerty's journey
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:pigs, The Onion, today now, jim haggerty, porkin across america
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Jet Bin Fever
What a heartwarming finale!
Hugo Gorilla
"Wilbur didn't know what to do or which way to run. It seemed as though everybody was after him. 'If this is what it's like to be free,' he thought, 'I believe I'd rather be penned up in my own yard.'"

Brad P. you'll never be half the man Jim Hoggerty is.
The actor's website is active, and you'll be pleased to know that he actually was a newscaster in the 80s.
From his biography on the site:

"Twenty three years of anchoring/reporting for various tv stations across the country. Assignments to foreign lands, interviews of movers/shakers/losers, exposing corruption and infidelities, all the while maintaining a good haircut, and a neatly knotted double Windsor five nights a week."

Also, he has a beach house in Uruguay.

They didn't have to explain the joke at the end!
Why did they do that? The rest of this was perfect!
I kind of felt they were telegraphing the joke a little too much throughout, but this is the Internet and subtlety doesn't always please.

The God of Biscuits
Have to agree with Bort, by episode 4 or 5 it was obvious where things were going

Mostly I was griping about this episode, where (for example) Trish comments on how the mystery pig man looks familiar. The only way that "helps" is if you haven't seen any of the previous installments, in which case you're watching in entirely the wrong order. Otherwise it's laying the joke on just a little too thick. A "Jim Haggerty still missing" screen crawl would have worked better, perhaps with his photo.

I didn't mind as much that we knew roughly where the series would end up; I don't know how they could have hidden their intentions as of the first pig-related surgery. It was a nice touch when "Pig" was tasked with cutting Jim's throat, though -- didn't see that one coming.

Today Now is totally ruined :(
Man, when someone gets written out of an ONN show, they REALLY get written out.
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