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Desc:Revolting Travolta
Category:Arts, Horror
Tags:Scientology, Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta, goatee, Christmas Crap
Submitted:Father Avalanche
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Comment count is 16
Something about this makes me sad. It's just so forced and awful that it comes across as two very sad people trying desperately to create the illusion that they're actually blissfully happy.
Jet Bin Fever

Rodents of Unusual Size
I swear I thought he was going to sing "I'm coming oooooout" as he stepped out of the plane, there.

Because, honey, you really are.
oh god his face
It looks like bad CG

Everything about this video, but I'd like to take special note that Travolta has a really weak voice.
in the butt, John
This video implies that Danny Zuko did not end up an occasionally-employed beer-gutted redneck that died in a factory fire at 37. I find that hard to believe.
Also, Sandy should be a fat, smoke-throated waitress.
Jet Bin Fever
You know, after watching this I think Scientology might be onto something with that whole "alien souls inhabiting hollow husks" thing. This was utterly lifeless.
Happy Scientologistmas, man-animals!
I'd rather have a drunk & stoned Denzel Washington flying my plane
January 1st 2013 will be known as the day when sixteen Hollywood actors inside Scientology blew the lid off the whole scam, completing a decade long international sting operation. All sixteen will be given an Oscar for their acting role in the greatest adventure ever, the protection of the human species.
So awful I had to turn it down out of embarrassment. It's like an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
So did John Travolta decide to go to one of those "make your own song and music video" services like Rebecca Black did with "Friday" a few years ago? Because that's what this feels like I'm watching.
Old People
Gloriously fake military uniforms.
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