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Desc:Context? Who needs it.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Religious
Tags:Lexx, Kai, Time Prophet, Brigadoom
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Comment count is 13
Seeing this just makes me wonder if Michael McManus' (Kai) acting career is over to the point where he would now accept my indecent proposal.

But more to the point, he just played lead in a 2011 German/Canadian coproduction directed by Lexx's Paul Donovan entitled Blissestraße.

Crunchy Frog
Thanks for the awesome flashback to mid 90's web design, godot. It's complete with .ZIPped up chunks of the episodes available for download!


I wish there was a website where we could submit wacky and weird websites

Oh wait....

I thought he was more of a stage actor
This and Farscape were the only sci-fi TV shows I bothered with for awhile.
Quick: 790 vs. Rygel

Farscape gets better as it progresses. This was a giant dollop of Canadian potential that went to total shit after season 1. It's almost if... and I might be going out on a limb here... They had a budget for Season 1 but had to quickly stage the entire show on OOOH PARALLEL DIMENSION CANADA EARTH because they were being threatened with cancellation.

Farscape lost me when the dude in the gimp mask went to read a memorial and some kind of crazy time magic mixed with gimp mask powers shot them all through time to the historical event, which they fucked up.

Farscape's best episodes were either totally inside Creighton's head or when the crew was trying to kill each other.

I sorta lost interest by the time they went into that 'dark zone' stuff in the last two seasons (or maybe just the last, I can't remember.) That and it's TV movie ending was fucking awful.

The last of the Brunnen-G, locked in a mutually destructive battle against his ancient enemy, the last of the Insect Civilization.

There's something stupidly poetic about this show's plot.
I haven't seen this show in too long, I need to rewatch it. Kai's last words being laughter always stuck with me.

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