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Desc:You may remember him as the jock who chugged a bottle of Cristal.
Category:Stunts, Educational
Tags:eggs, headband, chug, giant beer glass, dudebro
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Comment count is 8
For the retarded bro-gasm at 3:51.
The Mothership
best part.

I was once trying to make up a series of racially charged mixed drinks, among them the Black on Black Violence, the Anchor Baby (dropping a shot of Mezcal into a glass of... I dunno... Southern Comforttt...), and then I really wanted to make one called White Privilege but I couldn't think of anything good. Then someone linked me to this man joylessly chugging an entire bottle of Cristal and I just knew, THAT was the White Privilege. It was just this indescribably act of tragically overpriced endurance douchebaggery.
The smell of sulfur 24 hours later must have been unbearable.
French Horn!
Syd Midnight
So why won't Smash Mouth do it? Smash Mouth, eat the eggs.
"Nobody can eat 50 eggs."
Depending on egg size, that's 3550-4500 Calories, 5 times the %DV for saturated fat, 40-45 times the %DV for cholesterol (11850-13300 mg). Enjoy your erectile dysfunction, cerebral and myocardial infarction in a couple decades, Dudebro.
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