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Desc:This video is harmless crazy. The followup videos on his channel, not so much.
Category:Horror, Science & Technology
Tags:surgery, chemtrails, Morgellons, llama98579, self harm
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Comment count is 7
That was a well-reasoned diagnosis and treatment outline, especially the "no anesthetic" part.

The thumbnails of the "surgery" were enough to make me not want to even go near them. I do wonder how you know when to stop "digging it all out" when "it" exists only in your head.

Beyond digging out the defective gray matter, of course.
Oscar Wildcat
Dude sounds well anesthetized, he can barely string together a sentence.
According to the descriptions, he's doing it raw. And he takes it like a fucking champ if that's the case.

White Trash Party
No kidding! No flinching or nothing. You just see the pliers digging in there. Ugh.

The lunatics pestered the CDC until they wasted 0,000 on an official study that they (of course) immediately claimed was bullshit.
I had Morgellons once. I thought it was just stray fibers from the clothes I was wearing but when I asked my doctor about it it turned out it was space worms planted by NASA.
I hope that when a real doctor actually had to get involved to fix this guy, he sent the bill to George Noory and Alex Jones.
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