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Desc:the power of 32 bits!
Category:Science & Technology, Humor
Tags:80s, promo, CGI, Silicon Graphics, MIPS
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Comment count is 13
Anything looks awesome if it's recorded to 1" videotape. Fact.
especially if it's field rendered

Gotta love the correlation between speedy response and productivity... In 2012 I'm still waiting 10 seconds for a page to load on shitty web interfaces at work. Gives me time to browse poetv.
Christ, tell me about it. The video mentions, "maximizing the performance of key individuals." At my office that's me, I do all the CAD work and most of the design work.

Guess who was last to get a PC upgrade? The one I was working on before was so bad it was a toss up between running notepad OR paintbrush, woe-unto-thee that ran both. I have a netbook and it was better then that POS.

Autocad is on iPad now ::ducks::

Least productive = highest priority for upgrades

or in other words

Management, sales, marketing, PR, pie-chart power point meeting jockeys = highest priority for upgrades

...now get back to hitting the "make look good" button on your little doodling art program, hippie!

Were I used to work, only the "designers" were allowed 27-inch Apple monitors, and all they worked on was graphics for tiny blackberry screens, like 320x240 or whatever they used to be. They would do this work while half the screen was taken up by watching movies & tv shows.

This is lost knowledge.
I know a professional video artist who still works with these machines.

A few weeks ago he showed me a computer from the 60s with 4 megs of hand-wired ram. Each meg was literally the size of the refrigerator that the Residents Ultimate Box Set comes in.

So it's not lost, just relegated to the domain of eccentric old men with giant beards.

which is why it's here

Only the best for us.

Yes, I know this video was made 27 years ago but... there are childrens' toys that have more computing power than thing.
I pulled more powerful SGI workstations out of the trash at MIT 15 years ago.

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