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Desc:Big Boss in a Santa suit and a monkey mask being a dick.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:Metal Gear, mgs3, big boss, STEALTH ACTION GAMEPLAY
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Comment count is 11
The God of Biscuits
Snake is kind of a dick.
But god damn can the man put together a song and dance number.

That's not just a monkey mask...that's a Saru Getchu mask!!! which adds a whole new level to it.
Trickster god
I would like to add that this man has 60+ videos of this.
JOY! I was hoping it wouldn't end!

If Hideo understands anything about making a video game, he understands that the game needs to be fun for the players to enjoy it regardless of setting.
The first game let you do all kinds of this stuff. I remember spending a solid half hour coming up with different ways to dick with the peeing guard.

Then I guessed they listened to the people complaining about super soldiers with crappy sight and hearing, and the sequels made being discovered such a hassle that you either reloaded or fought it out by playing the crappy FPS minigame until you had killed every incoming guard.

MGS3 added the tedium of switching camo combined with guards tracking every blade of broken grass you left. Worst of all, they stuck the alligator hat in an easy to miss part of a level you could never backtrack to.

I never get tired of playing this game.
Is this tool assisted? Pretty sick Snake-ing either way.
Stars for this being, by far, my favorite of the series...and for the wide range of dick shit you can do to everyone you encounter in the game.
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