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Desc:Watch as one of natures most beautiful creatures hunts.
Category:Nature & Places, Educational
Tags:canada, holy shit, eagle, wait for it
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Comment count is 9
Cheese - 2012-12-19
jangbones - 2012-12-19
its so good, I may post it a third time

duck&cover - 2012-12-19
Eagles are sneaky birds.
EvilHomer - 2012-12-19
We are being attacked! By Eagles!
cognitivedissonance - 2012-12-19
"Desperado" or "Hotel California"? They're such different animals when you really listen to them.

sjohnson301 - 2012-12-19
FAKE (apparently)!

http://gawker.com/5969701/all-the-reasons-that-baby+snatching- eagle-video-is-fake
giygusattack - 2012-12-19
Totally fake, but I bought into it at first.

Still awesome though, just for different reasons now.

TeenerTot - 2012-12-19
Yup. Shadows.

Old_Zircon - 2012-12-20
The other video they linked to is amazing:



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