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Desc:New feature on the escapist, could the A-Team fly a tank?
Category:Humor, Science & Technology
Tags:tank, hollywood, a-team, Reel Physics, flying tank
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Comment count is 10
Bald-not-fat's fake laughing is agonizing.
lets get the pedantic nerd post out of the way:

1. a tank is heavier than a nasa landing capsule
2. the tank would have ended up buried gundown in the lake bed
3. those inside would have been crushed helplessly against the tank's ceiling/rear for the ride down, and violently killed upon impact with the lake
Well, this feature was pretty blatantly designed to conjure up exactly those kind of arguments in long autistic message board threads.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Lets get the pedantic nerd rejoinder post out of the way..

1.They calculated its terminal velocity with that weight + drag

2.Yeah maybe, but also maybe the top part of the tank with people compartment (air) is more bouyant then the bottom bart with tracks and such, so it might have rotated a bit, I reckon its a toast falling buttered side down or up thing.

3.For the ride down they would not have been crushed, they were falling in earths gravity so they would just have experienced less gravity but they were not accelerating or decelerating, hence no crushing. When they hit the lake the guys calculated 3.something g's decelleration which is totally fine if they were all strapped in. (F1 drivers can take that np)

So this all reinforces the conclusion that the A-team is actually a documentary film

Crushed against the ceiling during a free fall?

Someone learned all their physics from amusement park rides.

these hosts blow
I think the only answer is that this was a surprisingly good movie that was criminally overlooked.
Liam Neeson has the star power of George Peppard, perhaps (but as a retired USA Col?), but Bradley Cooper & Quinton Jackson are really no match, charisma-wise, with Dirk Benedict & Mr. T.

While this sort of thing might be great if there were a venue (PBS educational shorts for high school students?), I can't imagine it lasting past a half-dozen episodes on Escapist.

Jesus H. Christ, this movie is like three years old! Did this just come out?
Truth be told, I actually worked extensively on this sequence, and we had a LOT of tank jokes every day. If you look carefully the tank has a bumper sticker that says "How's My Driving?"

In short, fuck these guys.
You were a bouncer for a graphic artists club?

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