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Desc:The Shmenge Brothers give you an explanation of their 'different' Christmas.
Tags:SCTV, John Candy, eugene levy, Shmenge Brothers
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I voted this up, and I'm 5-starring it to not ruin anyone's Christmas, but I do not understand the appeal. Okay, mild parody of old world customs, but these guys aren't one-tenth as freaky as the Mummers:

It's Eugene Levy and John Candy doing a classic bit, did you think these guys are real?

No, and that makes it worse. "Hey, let's come up with a wacky old world tradition." "How about they remove their shoes when they visit someone's house?" "COMEDY GOLD!"

Hay Belly
It was a funny bit and there were based on a real person calm down.

Oscar Wildcat
You would need some familiarity with the subject to find this bit of gentle ribbing funny. The sets, costumes and characters are all just magnificent.

He takes off the shoes because he is the visitor.

The resubmit is the wrong video, here's the right one - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8bwmy3UGEE
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