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Category:Trailers, Horror
Tags:hollywood, global warming, sequel, birdemic, james nguyen
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holy shit
Jet Bin Fever
My prayers (to Satan) have been answered.
They ran out of money before they could buy boom mics, apparently.
They actually had boom mics for the first movie, but no money for a sound guy. Several scenes had the actors holding the boom between their legs while they were shot waist up.

I dunno about this. When a clearly delusional director cons a bunch of people into working on what turns into one of the worst films in history because he honestly thinks he's making a good movie, the end results are usually entertaining.
When that director then gets famous for being awful and then makes an intentionally similarly awful film that apes the first one, it seems kinda...not quite the same thing.

This is like Rick Sloane making Hobgoblins 2, or Ted V. Mikels making Astro Zombies 2, or those people making the Manos sequel. Or if, hypothetically, Tommy Wiseau made The Room 2.

Making a shitty movie that's "so bad it's good" is one thing; winking to the audience the whole time you're doing it is another.
Unintentional humor rarely survives the transition to self awareness.

I agree but then sometimes it wraps around again and the self aware attempt to recapture the unintentional humor of the original fails spectacularly enough that it's worth watching despite itself.

Anyhow, Ted V. Mikels made a ton of movies and there's more than one that's better than Astro Zombies. The Worm Eaters is my favorite thing he was involved with, and that one is pretty much what I'm talking about - it was kind of a self aware "bad movie" but it was such a mess that it works despite the self awareness.

Yes, I agree. Good mockery demands the shelter and courtesy of proscenium.

Original was a labor of crazy delusional love.

This just seems like they mechanically went down a list.

Ha ha zombies? I'm glad they decided to play it straight with the laughing audience under attack.
B. Weed
Looks like he abandoned his plans to shoot it in 3D.
They addressed that in the teaser trailer with the blond voice-over-ing "You really thought we could afford 3-D?".

They really couldn't afford a couple hundred for a second handicam?

I really wish we could take these directors of bad movies and put the underground away from people when they do something so perfectly bad like the first Birdemic so they can't see their movie getting big because it was horrible.
Yeah! Let them crawl themselves into a bottle and die in their early fifties like Ed Wood!

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