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Desc:Mostly for the first 30 seconds and the last 30 seconds.
Category:Video Games, Science & Technology
Tags:FPS, blender, Bad 3D, horrible games infinity, Larodos
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Comment count is 7
Spoiler: It's a poorly lit Pac-Man with none of fruits or power-pellets.

Also, the monsters fall asleep and snore.
I never understood the game part of blender. It felt like they were trying to attach a toaster to a TV.

This looks a lot better than I last remembered, but is there anyone that can seriously defend that part of Blender? Or is it really only meant for mockups?
There is no standalone player for Blender that has a license that lets you sell it. So the only way to distribute a Blender game is the Blend file, which requires Blender, which means you're giving everyone with the program to make the game a game to loot and part out. For that reason alone it's worthless.

Python is another reason.
And file corruption, Blender is not a stable enough basket to keep all your game making eggs in. You need a different engine for stability's sake.

Other than that, it's actually capable of better graphics than other poor man's game hackery software, like Unity.

Killer Joe

Oh, another Slender rip-off shat out of the internet's bowels, how novel.
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