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Desc:You want painful animation? I've got some for you.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:Garbage, ugly, tripping the rift, humor black hole
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Comment count is 16
Even with the SciFi logo and TV rating stamp my mind still can't accept that people actually paid money to make this, much less put it on the air.
Created by the same visionary who did X-Men comics a decade ago, and gave us such gems as a Vatican conspiracy to fake the Rapture.
Spike Jonez
My best friend nearly had an animation show on SciFi... This is what ended up on air. I guess action movie parody was too highbrow for them.
This got advertised quite a bit in Canada. I have no idea why.
Seven Arts/H8 Red
A Canadian company, CinéGroupe, produced it. I remember SPACE selling the hell out of this show, back in 2004.

The third season was aired by Teletoon in 2007. SPACE aired the third season in 2010, which - even considering Canadian content regulations - made no sense, as the third season (as well as a "movie" version of that third season) was out on DVD by then. At least SciFi - IIRC - blew through Tripping the Rift's third season one night, then shot it into the sun.

There was a third season. I mean, I was already aware of that, but a person can still boggle at the ability of some terrible TV shows to far outlast their welcome.

Oh yeah..this.
"Adult" animation tries so hard to be adult.
I worked at Gamestop when this came out. I had a coworker who thought "Darth Bobo" was the most hilarious thing he'd ever heard. He liked to say "Darth Bobo" a lot. He never actually saw an episode, he only read it on the DVD package that Gamestop sold in their short-lived "anime" section.
Small pleasures are all some of us have.

He sounds like a delightful human being.

Spaceman Africa
Surprisngly Stephen Root has been in worse cartoons
Big Muddy
I remember watching the original short and being totally in hate with it, and then I'm rewarded with the most irreverent joke about a party favor horn in a CGI vagina I've ever seen. Robot Chicken, Drawn Together...we don't deserve comedy.
That guy

Made it four and a half minutes.

Good lord.
Jet Bin Fever
2 minutes in and already a lubricant joke. Wow.
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