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Desc:The whole damn, beautiful, horrible thing.
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:product placement, christopher lloyd, Charlie Sheen, Horrible Cartoon Infiniti, Foodfight!
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Resubmit:Koda Maja

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Comment count is 20
Holy shit, this takes on a whole new dimension when you watch it in HD. I watched it several times on Livestream, but in good quality this takes on a whole new dimension of awfulness. I was going to make a long post about the highlights for those who just want to skip through, but it's pretty hard to really settled on a few places. This whole thing is amazing.
The design of Sunshine at 6:00 really brings the dead-eyed horror to the next level. PS THERE ARE UPSKIRTS RIGHT OFF THE BAT.
Also: http://www.animationmagazine.net/top-stories/the-long-strange-odys sey-of-foodfight/

It's pretty obvious she is blind.

You insensitive cad. We are sending you for training.

"Foodfight! is a -million CG feature set in a grocery store after hours."

--> -million


You could produce The Room 10 times with that budget.

Good fucking god.
The moral of the movie "When you buy generic instead of big-name brands, you're shopping with Hitler!"
Was this whole thing made in Second Life? What is going on?
Didn't Charlie Sheen leave 2.5 Men over some issues of artistic integrity.
1:13:50 "I'm not the one who's gonna be puppy whipped you cold farted itch."

I've met people that make shit like this. I have no doubt they honestly believe they're being *incredibly* clever.
God dammit. I had this shred of hope that most of the people involved in making something like this at least felt bad about the bad job that they did and about what horrible people they must be for making something so terrible.

Well, at least I have plenty of bourbon.


This is just beyond description. It's like someone took the Joe Cracker Light of Courage thing to the end of sanity.
So the producer of this was the guy who also produced the Mortal Kombat games. When the product placement funding didn't come in as expected, he staged an "industrial sabotage" of his "state of the art computers", claiming that SOMEBODY (hint hint: Pixar) didn't want competition, and blamed the end result on that. The film was then repossessed by the bank and sold at auction to a Norwegian firm, although Norway doesn't have many of the characters portrayed in the film, and now it's just a weird artifact of cynical corporate jiu-jitsu gone horribly wrong.
Tthe Duke Nukem Forever of cinema.

Fat Cat Burglar @3:49: "My mother would be so ashamed."

There's the quote for the back of the box.
Plus he's not a cat?

Rodents of Unusual Size
Move over, Proud American and Oogieloves! There's an even shittier family fare on the menu tonight! And it's straight to video!
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