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Desc:I think this movie played in the United States for all of two seconds.Never released on video since.
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:peter greenaway, ralph fiennes
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I'm a 17th century mummer and what is this?

Might I suggest a "rape" tag?
Holy crap, you weren't kidding. From Wikipedia:

"The Bishop sentences her to death, but because she is still a virgin, she cannot be killed outright. The Daughter is instead sentenced to be raped 208 times, after which she is to be executed."

That's a very specific amount of rape, there. Was there an algorithm?

Actually, yes, they say it in the film IIRC. Something based on 13 that ends up being 13*13+13*3

This was, I think, the only Peter Greenaway movie I didn't see back when I was 16 and a fan.

Father Avalanche
Except I was 20, and experimenting with cinema, drugs, and women. 16, Zircon, 16??

You guys are old.

Father Avalanche
Fingers still crossed for the adaptation set in Macon, Ga.
I rented this in a video store called The Movie Store in ~2002. The DVD case did not look like it was pirated or bootlegged.
Drop the name Greenaway and see how many of your friends are cinephiles and how many are posers.

I can safely say that having watched this a few years ago, I think the film is brilliant, although I still don't know if I /like/ it, per se.
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