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Desc:Possibly NSFW, depending on company policies on depictions of feeldoe strap-on dildo hacking.
Category:Arts, Science & Technology
Tags:dildo, arduino, strap-on, sex toys, makers
Submitted:Simian Pride
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Comment count is 17
I have one of those. Its called a penis.

Well, it doesn't light up that frequently.
Binro the Heretic

So it's like one of those spring-loaded things you strengthen your grip with except for Kegel exercises?
You might not be using those correctly.

I have one of those. Its called a penis.

Adham Nu'man
a "bulb"
Dread Pirate Roberts
Well this is just about a perfect video.
So how long until we see this replace the Strong Man hammer game at the circus?
I logged in to say something ... but I don't know what to say.
John Salt
Was the hands-free demo necessary or did she just want an excuse to wear a light up dong on camera?
Sanest Man Alive
Hell, wouldn't you?

I"m having trouble believing this is a real person and not something Grant Morrison or Warren Ellis dreamed up that sprang into existence.
Flex Vagino. who came to life from a little boy's wank drawing.

Please take my stars memedumpster

All these stars are for 1:50 and onward.

I didn't see that coming.
Jet Bin Fever
Please Hammer don't hurt her.
Lady, you can't say "the hammer is my penis" unless you're a greasy Jersey guy, in the skeeziest bar in Jersey, hitting on a woman way out of your league.
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