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Desc:The After Show Popcorn Party!
Category:Crime, News & Politics
Tags:NYC, alex jones, stalking, Piers Morgan, EXTRA Butter
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Comment count is 12
Now he knows what it feels like to be one of the black people in NYC he so fears.
Void 71
I still think Jones is a performance artist and conman. There's plenty of crazy in there but it's a sociopathic self-aware kind of crazy. He's definitely a gun nut like pretty much the entire state of Texas, but I don't think he truly believes most of the conspiracy theories he weaves for his audience.
asian hick
I tend to agree. I even have a sliver of affection for the guy.

Hegemony Cricket
Having watched the rise of Alex Jones on Austin Access TV in the 90s, I can humbly say that you would do well to hold off on either the affection or attribution of greater self-awareness. You should definitely check him out in "The Secret Rulers of the World".

Lastly, this man is only 38 years old. I hazard to guess what he'll look like at 50.

38??? Good God.

The world would be much less interesting without Alex Jones. Though his recent predilection for basically calling for civil war may make that entertainment far less worth it.

Also I think he really believes this shit.

I also think he really believes at least the majority of it.

Dread Pirate Roberts
Even Alex Jones has a vocal fry.
Its a delightful fantasy world he lives in. The whole story of him departing the studio is either a lie or delusion.
Koda Maja
If Alex Jones ever got the revolution he's pseudo calling for, his fat, white rich ass would be one of the ones against the wall.
If you could squint with your ears, he would sound just like Gabrielle Chana.
Jet Bin Fever
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