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Desc:Many shuvs and zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the slor that day.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:ghostbusters, gozer, torg, slor, vinz clortho
Submitted:Billy the Poet
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Comment count is 18
Probably my favorite line other than the whole "total protonic reversal" bit.
This really goes to show how misogynistic Sumerian death cults are. The two people chosen to act as the harbingers of the apocalypse? The Keymaster gets a name, he's Vinz Clortho, the head priest, but the Gatekeeper is simply referred to as Zuul, which apparently just means "woman" in ancient Sumerian. I think Gozer should treat his female minions with a little more respect, personally.
Wait, wait wait wait wait. They actually used real sumerian mythology for this movie? Zuul, Vinz Clortho, Slor, Gozer... those are real things?

Goddamn. How am I only just learning about this?

Preparing for someone to point and laugh at my ignorance and/or gullibility.

" Many shuvs and zuuls"

ghostbusters is a documentary and events were filmed in real time


The Mothership
Man, I absolutely adore the fact that Gozer is a linked tag. One more of this website's little eccentricities.
Or a sign that movie nerds congregate here. Whichever.

That guy
Aykroyd wrote this part.
Aykroyd probably believes this part.

That guy
dang you to heck, that's what I meant

You will perish in flames! *knocks over trash can*
Weird, I hardly ever watch this movie but I fell asleep to it last night and now this clip is here.

Clearly this is the work of gangstalkers.
This probably needs a "rick moranis" tag more than it needs "gozer the traveller."

Billy the Poet
I omitted it intentionally because my ELF mind-reading device led me to believe it would irk you.

(Actually there was one. I don't know who makes these decisions. Probably the bastards who banned Gibbs.)

Given that there were so few McKetrick supplicants left, I just couldn't believe it when they were reconciled a third time
Annie Potts' follow up line is also amusing
The Mothership
Annie Potts stole every damn scene she was in.

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