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Desc:Hershey's with Almonds just about kills them.
Category:Stunts, Horror
Tags:candy, slo-mo, Denmark
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I yam what I yam
Comment count is 24
Two girls from a country that's crazy for lutefisk aren't fond of American chocolate. Not sure what to make of that.

I'd ask them to try Necco Wafers, but I get the feeling they'd just break my heart.
Eroticus E
Lutefisk is more popular in the American Northern Midwest than it is in Europe.

Have you ever eaten chocolate made in europe, Bort? I think if you had you wouldn't have been so glib.

You mean like I get every so often at the German import shop? Yeah I've had it, and while it's better than Hershey's, it's not so much better that Hershey's should taste like poison. I suspect there's a whole different palate at work; for all I know they'd go positively apeshit over clove Neccos.

That said, nothing beats a good Spekulatius.

Hershey's is low quality waxy chocolate. You can get American made high quality chocolate right in the US (try Green and Blacks). You can get quality European chocolate in the states (try Lindt). Here you can even get high quality South American chocolate straight from Columbia and Venezuela, and it's amazing.

I also love Milka.

Even Cadbury's chocolate is better than Hershey's, and right now they're under the same umbrella - even though they are manufactured completely differently.

I don't think you have a good palate, Bort.

If you chocolate snobs think Hershey's is bad, you obviously haven't tried Palmer's.

Don't get me wrong, I'm also an incorrigible hipster when it comes to the brown stuff, but Hershey's is perfectly edible. And, as much as I love hazelnut liar chocolate, the fact is that Europe produces some pretty crap stuff, too- Kinder chocolate is a lot of fun, but unless you've got fond childhood memories of eating their Eggs (which, incidentally, are banned here in the States by order of the FDA) I really can't recommend it over Hershey's.

"Even Cadbury's chocolate is better than Hershey's" Cadbury's is very good chocolate.

I'm aware there is worse chocolate out there. I just don't remember the bad stuff. Cadburys is owned by Hershey's now, so that's why I mentioned it.

Syd Midnight
I'm guessing that Danish poop tastes like American chocolate.

Spike Jonez
I love clove Neccos.

i rated this solely for the hersheys debate. Most of my euro friends say it tastes like vomit. I love hersheys, but try a bar again and think of that. Yep, exactly.

They hate Hersheys?! Bitches. Let's go burn down their embassies!!!
Nothing to see here, aside from one attractive Danish girl. Certainly not worth 8 minutes of your time.
I agree that this sucks, but out of curiosity, since you threw down your opinion here and everything all SUGAH RAIN like, which one of these have you decided is the attractive one?

Would not. Either of them. Their faces are all blocky, makes 'em look like bulldogs.

Eroticus E
The casual sexism tossed around by the supposed liberals in this place is fascinating.

No liberals like pretty girls.

I hope I didn't come off like I was saying that they're both ugly; I can see how my comment could be read that way. I'm just rather baffled that two women that look nearly identical can still be split by some guy into one being attractive and one not.

sigh... he's referring to the thinner one with high cheekbones. They're both cute as hell though.

Old Man Hershey was a cheap Pennsylvania Dutch bastard, and although he was an AWESOME cheap Pennsylvania Dutch bastard, he wasn't going to let a little spoilage ruin his milk for his milk chocolate. That's why Hershey's tastes slightly sour.
There's chocolate in Hershey's? I always thought it was mostly carnauba wax and artificial flavors.

If I remember the story correctly, Hershey couldn't figure out how to make milk chocolate in bar form without the milk souring in the process. European Nestle could, however. American chocolate companies copied Hershey, and European chocolate companies copied Nestle. The end result is two different expectations of what chocolate should taste like. When a European tastes Hershey's chocolate, the sour milk taste jumps out in a way that it doesn't to an American who has eaten Hershey's chocolate (and its various copiers) all their lives.

Hershey eventually figured it out, but Americans had gotten used to the sour taste, and sales dropped, so the company added an artificial flavor to replicate the sour taste.

Munchy crunchy chocolatey cocoa stars for CIWB.

I see these girls are big fans of teeth.
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