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Desc:aka: Fucking Torture Loop. Or FML whatever...
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:Addiction, roguelike, Masochism, permadeath, FTL
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Comment count is 15
I'm so glad I've stayed away from this game.
Binro the Heretic
That's for the best. This game hates you.

It doesn't know you, but it already hates you. If you play, it will direct that hatred directly at your very soul like a laser-guided napalm strike.

I have never seen a game that hates the player so much. Introducing this game into a supercomputer would result in the creation of AM from "I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream".

What the fuck ever, guys. I goddamn love the abuse. I want it to hurt me more, pull my hair, call me a whore and beat me with a whip. It feels fucking great.

Protip: Boarding parties. No kidding. That is how I took down the mothership that almost no one seems to beat.

Binro the Heretic
The game seems to delight in killing crew members I've rescued from slaver ships. :(

@ Binro the Heretic,

Congrats on getting a lucky version of the game.

All MY treks through space make Event Horizon look like Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

This also happens to be stage one of TFL
For this comment.

The God of Biscuits
This game is fucking great. It's a bit random but once you accept that you're gonna die a lot it's awesome.
Caminante Nocturno
This game is like a Starfleet simulator that only occasionally lets you pretend to be on the Enterprise.
No one who's played this would think asteroid fields are more f-bomb worthy than solar flares!

It's fun until you realize there's really only one correct build that will let you win in the end (tanking + boarding). Unless you really really luck out with weapon drops.
Aw, baby's first rogue-like too much for you?
There's nothing wrong with roguelike. Hell, I used to play NuTrek on a mainframe and I loved it.

The problem I'm seeing with reviews of FTL is that it's entirely too random for the endgame it wants you to take on. Some random in a game is certainly welcome, as otherwise it's on rails, but when a game becomes more about luck than strategy, it takes the polish off the ol' dilithium crystal.

What is this NuTrek? Google isn't being cooperative.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I thought this was going to be a Dwayne and Bill TFL reunion :(
This is a Roguelike? I always though it was some kind of time/resource management game. Now I may have to try it. I've been looking for something to distract me from Dungeons of Dredmore.
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