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Desc:Makes no sense and the guy is a douche, but it's impossible to hate someone with that music playing.
Tags:drinking, smoking, frat guy, probably loves dane cook
Submitted:Prickly Pete
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Comment count is 7
I'm sure this works... But i can't imagine the effects would last as long... and also the hangover is probably way worse
I doubt it.

I think the cloudy vapor is mostly CO2 and a very tiny volume of the beverage (suspended as droplets). I suppose you could eventually drink some real amount eventually...but it would be like digging a hole with a spoon.

no, it would be suspended as a gas, and the co2 would probably have a ton of alcohol along with it because alcohol wants to escape from solvents... It would go straight into your lungs... I've gotten drunk off huffing vodka, i wouldn't reccomend it.

I don't have experience with this, but the cloudy vapor is certainly droplets (with what, one would presume, would be the same concentration of alcohol as the bulk liquid)...CO2 is transparent (look around you).

I don't really know what the alcohol concentration in the droplets is (it doesn't look like a large amount of the liquid has been atomized) or how much more quickly it is absorbed through the lungs ...but if it was really that effective, I would think I'd have seen the streets lined with people sitting around with their heads over boilings pots of wine and everyone would own a humidifier filled with vokda?

William Burns
I saw a demented old homeless man doing this years ago. I never tried it myself, for some reason.
I know I'm not a scientist, but once the alcohol is in your blood, don't you still metabolize it, i.e. it's still calories whether or not you drink it?
Yes, I presume most of the alcohol goes from your intestine to your bloodstream and is metabolized by whatever cells it gets inside.

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