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Desc:A heartfelt declaration of love
Category:Horror, Horror
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Comment count is 17
The Mothership
sooooo.... this isn't a dupe? Or do hopper dwellers not know what the dupe button means? I am so confused.
Yeah, if a video in the hopper has, like, 2 or 3 dupe votes, it might actually mean it might just be a dupe!

This couldn't be creepier if the background had sobs and pleas of "please let me go home."
Pauley Shore?
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Seemingly produced by the same guy responsible for the videos of that Australian wannabe furry shut-in. Or is shirtlessness plus wild camera swings a style all its own now?
Is this supposed to be a baby's eye view of why your mother is single?
Dread Pirate Roberts
Kill it with all the fire of every star in every galaxy in the entire universe.
Pretty sure this was a super viral freakshow from a couple years ago, it's gotta be on here somewhere.
creepy? puh-leeze
Tonetta would devour this kid's internal organs,
to an upbeat casio rumba...while in heels.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Two words: TFL Bill.

Okay, that's one word and three letters.

this video is already on here, is pretty ancient and has been revealed to be a character this kid is doing.

Spaceman Africa
dupe and older than the dickens
Jet Bin Fever
yep, dupe. I think this may even be the third time its been up here. Not specific enough in titles to be caught by dupe check though I'm sure.
James Woods
Pay attention to the awesome 'dupe button', you idiot.
James Woods

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