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Desc:Oh daaaammmnn
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Punch in the face, punch out, jumping to conclusions, Punch Black Faces
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Comment count is 20
Caminante Nocturno - 2013-01-23
(air) qcb + P
chumbucket - 2013-01-23
dichotic1 - 2013-01-23
Look at what we learned in stage combat today
Change - 2013-01-23
Okay, that was cool.
Adham Nu'man - 2013-01-23
That was beautiful.

Cena_mark - 2013-01-23
Its like something Rey Mysterio would have done before becoming old, broken, and fat.

chairsforcheap - 2013-01-24
everyone can tell this is fake though, right?

Adham Nu'man - 2013-01-24
Wrestling is real goddamn it!

duck&cover - 2013-01-23
Xenocide - 2013-01-23
Go AROUND the tables?!? You fool! There's no time for that! Besides, mere tables cannot delay my vengeance!
RocketBlender - 2013-01-23
'jumping to conclusions'

Meerkat - 2013-01-23
One of the related videos is the Bloody Mary Show but the progress bar cuts off the bottom of the Y so it looks like the Bloody Maru Show.

And I thought WOW I wanna watch that but then I figured out it was actually Bloody Mary and I got all disappointed.
Spaceman Africa - 2013-01-23
SixDigitDebt - 2013-01-24
Well, if we're talking MK, I kinda would have preferred to see him fly across the table legs first, kicking and screaming ALWARBLOOBLAHDOSBFBVKSDGVBHJVAD

Riskbreaker - 2013-01-23
All the obvious jokes are taken, so i'll just say, YOU GOT KNOCK THE FUCK OUT!
Gmork - 2013-01-24
Who was the winner? All of us.
Paracelsus - 2013-01-24
themilkshark - 2013-01-28
I'd say that was a fair fight.
bopeton - 2013-01-31
I just noticed the "Punch Black Faces" tag.
oddeye - 2015-01-23
There's no way a silly little slap like that would have knocked me out, most of the momentum and force from the set-up didn't go into it.

Fuck you kid.
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