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Desc:Rauschdeder (40 oz, 4 McRib) asks his fans to sort it out
Category:Crime, Humor
Tags:Molestation, Obese, foot fetish
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Oscar Wildcat
Dear Penthouse: You'll never believe what happened to me today...
Yes, you probably were. Fortunately, you didn't figure it out until now and you get to skip all the bullshit baggage that comes with having been molested and having to figure out why this experience that adults tell you is so traumatic that you are broken forever just felt like somebody groping you for a few minutes. You dodged a bullet.
Wait, are you saying that being molested doesn't cause psychological harm if you aren't aware that it's supposed to? Because if you are, most of the people I know who were molested, including some close family members, some of whom had literally no memory of it until they found out from other people later in life than he is, would like to have a word with you.

More importantly, are you implying that Rauschdeder is well adjusted?

At the time? Not always. It depends on what happened. The vast majority of molestation is little more than groping. That can cause a lot of psychological trauma later due once you actually can understand what happened, but once again, it isn't necessarily traumatic. It's certainly a terrible thing that needs to be stopped as soon as it's detected, but here's the thing...

I've been molested. It was awkward, but nowhere near as awkward as, say, the first time I had sex. It was kind of like going to the doctor, but without the pain. It's somebody you like and trust touching your genitals, as a fucking adult you know goddamn well that it's not always going to feel bad. It actually feels good. I'll tolerate rounding that down to "feels funny" but people don't fucking leave it at that.

People will straight up fucking say that child molestation is worse than murder. How in the fuck are you as a child supposed to reconcile the fact that it's generally accepted that molestation is something so terrible that death is preferable to enduring it with the fact that you not only don't feel broken but actually enjoyed it?

It's difficult to avoid coming to the conclusion that it's your fault or even worse, that you're one of those people that got molested and became a pedophile. That shame and guilt and fear is very fucking traumatizing, and it's completely unnecessary. I don't give a shit if you have good intentions, you're wrong and it's hurting people and you should stop.

Everybody's a fucking armchair psychologist and they're always willing to give their unsolicited prognosis of broken forever. Fuck you, some kids are traumatized, some are not. And anybody that talks about kids losing "innocence" needs to die in a fucking fire.

Being molested can be traumatic and devastating or it can be awkward and weird. Just as with regular adult rape, people like to pretend it's all screaming and crying and strangers with knives. It's too much of a fucking burden on those assholes to think that Johnny Popular might be a rapist or that Coach GreatGuy might be a child molester. Most pedophiles don't get caught because everybody is looking for a perverted looking stranger in a van and an emotionally devastated child. That's a comforting thought, but it's not true. Pedophiles are friendly people that you know and like, and your kid might like them too, so you actually have to be vigilant about this. I know it's hard to wrap your head around child rape, but you know what? You can fucking handle it.

for you.

You walked right into that, didn't you Zircon.

Blue rules even if she doesn't exist. *****

Jet Bin Fever
Not to make light of it but, it really could've been worse.
2:09 I saw the glimmer in his eye that Demonius made before he had a sip of beer. I naturally expected him to take a small sip and for his face to wince up as he then proceeded to talk about how much he likes beer. Instead, this guy just showed me he does.
You got toe raped brah.
blue rules
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