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Desc:Never before have you seen a video so pathetically overwrought and sincere.
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:butthurt, mra, mens rights, This could easily be three minutes shorter
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Dread Pirate Roberts
This is probably the most pointless video in the existence of videos.
Darth Vader, Magneto, Voldemort, and the Joker, all proud supporters of Men's Rights. Or they're like, your family or something.
I don't suppose it would make any difference that all of those male villains were defeated by men, would it?

It reminds me of the kerfuffle over "Aladdin" when it was pointed out that the bad guy in a movie set in the Middle East looked Middle Eastern. Nothing was said of the hero and his love interest also looking like they were from the region, but you know...

Adham Nu'man
Men's rights advocates are very slow readers.
This could easily be four minutes shorter.
But then we wouldn't have been able to sit through that wonderful song.

Yeah, here's the thing. When you've spent the last several millenniums subjugating and oppressing the other half of the human race, making videos like this when they suddenly get rights just doesn't work.

I'll bet the YouTube comments are going to be a trip through hell.
Jet Bin Fever
I'm with you guys, 4 stars is the perfect rating for this.
Yes, having women openly disagree with you is exactly like war. They're just words, and not even man words. Usually the only Feminism these people listen to is filtered through Rush Limbaugh.

Also, women don't control the movie industry, the television shows, or the commercials. Pretending that Feminists are the reason guys get hit in the balls on TV is stupid. Pretending that you're genuinely butthurt and emotionally scarred by that experience is... I don't even know how to respond to that without gendered insults.
Americans are oppressed and vexed by anyone or anything not too stupid to exist, universally.
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