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Desc:What the fuck is going onnn
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:monsters, horrible childrens programming infinity, ye gods
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Comment count is 11
Spaceman Africa
Somehow worse CGI then 80's Pixar.
Jeebus. Okay, my research tells me this thing was started in '97, so that's ALMOST a pass on CGI that a PS2 could beat, but the character design looks like they got someone who took one sculpture class in high school and can't quite remember what other people look like even if he's not the only person in a room.

What's really weird is this show's season are three years apart, at least according to IMDB. Was this just long enough for the people financing it to forget how horrific it was?
Apparently this was reasonably popular in Germany.

Heard about it on Ukinojoe's recent livestream, wherein he was just as baffled it got more than one season.

A while back even bad CG looked sort of impressive. This looks like an aspergers sufferer who loves early 20th century cartoons. Yuck, and that fucking voice!!!
What's up with the evil soccerball.
Rodents of Unusual Size

How can you fuck up a premise as good as "Kid turns into a monster all the time and hangs out with a ghost"?

If this had been animated in the 60s with the same 3 background shots per episode it would have been more watchable.
Thanks for explaining the premise, kid. No, you don't have to tell us about your sister and your wacky ghost friend. Seriously, stop.

Wikipedia informs us that the little devil thing is actually a space alien, and the kids eventually go to his planet, where they fight his twin brother and break all his bones. "He also has a guard working for him named Kragon. Kragon takes advantage of him in his broken state."

Buzz's girlfriend, woof.
Yeah, it's bad. So what? It doesn't exceed the badness of other CG bits posted here, and it's certainly not bad in a new way.

But stars because Wikipedia tells me the cop is named "aunt Keith" and that this was a "Canadian computer-animated television protatogram". I don't know what that is, but it sounds hilarious.
Jet Bin Fever
Kids will watch any garbage. Its amazing what I catch my nephew sitting through these days.
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