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Desc:Google Earth Live *only available in Afghanistan/Pakistan, for now.
Category:Military, Business
Tags:photography, war on terror, military industrial complex, uav, For Your Protection
Submitted:James Woods
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Comment count is 24
The Mothership
bravely rated and reviewed, Chocolate Jesus.
James Woods
Also, fuck you dairyqueenlatifa and Maru. Explain yourselves.

James, shut up, right now.

Don't defile the sanctity of the hopper just because someone didn't vote up your video.

James Woods
:( Okaaay.

William Burns
I admit I'm a little confused by their downvotes as well.

Chocolate Jesus votes against everything with a technical or educational content automatically. I don't think it's personal, just a weird hangup. Knowledge discomfort.

I voted it down in the hopper for bad reasons; I had seen a video relating to this technology earlier in the day from something someone had forwarded to me and it was this dumb, alarmist, Alex Jones type thing and I thought this was the same video without checking, so that was my bad.

Wonko the Sane

Other people vote down pro wrestling and anime. I vote down tech-fetishism and boring mr. wizard science crap.

William Burns
One advantage of the surveillance poice state is that Maru has just been tagged for sterilization.

"Science crap."

Nature made that selection before they were born, Mr. Burns.

I don't think nature cares that science is gay.

Well I feel safer.
enhance. enhance. enhance.
Spaceman Africa
Needs the "Call of Duty" tag
I was all like "Oh, the banality of evil. The watchers turned out to be a fat guy looking bored." until 4:10 and then I pooped some.
for Mary "Missy" Cummings
Yeah that made me start wondering what the porn version plot of this would be.

Jet Bin Fever
Life as a videogame.
James Woods

This is nice and all science, but where's my Aliens heart beat sensor gun attachment and radiation frying pan that sits on a tripod?
Ha ha ha. I'm terrified of the world I'm leaving for my (well, other people's) children.
"...a million terabytes of video a day, which is the equivalent of 5000 hours of high definition footage."

There are like 4 things about that statement which are not true.

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