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Desc:Karl Pilkington has had 2 TV series and 4 books written about what an idiot he is
Category:Humor, Science & Technology
Tags:manchester, Ricky Gervais, karl pilkington, Stephen Merchant, gnosticism
Submitted:Syd Midnight
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Comment count is 12
Syd Midnight
and this is bar none the stupidest idea he has ever had.
Syd Midnight
it starts at 6:20

Syd Midnight
Karl - "But there's only son far you can go with thinkin'."

Ricky - "An amazing quote."

Oh he's topped ... bottomed? ... out-stupided this idea lots of times before. The one that gets me is how, when we hit 80 or so, we should start aging backwards so we finish up as a baby. Note that Karl wasn't expressing this as a fictional concept, he was taking the stand that it's a practice we should adopt.

You could replace Ricky Gervais with any given person, and Stephen Merchant with a baked potato, and this show would be exactly as funny. Because it's all about Karl. His brain IS the alien.
The podcasts, sure. Because they learned what fans wanted, and are just there to set Karl up. They turned him into a character, even if it's not entirely scripted.

But some of the best bits from the radio show require Ricky and Steve. Rockbusters and Monkey News would be lame instead of funny, if Ricky weren't 10 mmHg from a coronary the whole time. And Steve, because he's the only one Karl can make fun of.


Yeah. Whatever your thoughts on Ricky Gervais, his laugh is infectious.

steve could be a potato? Is that an erroneous portal 2 reference?

Binro the Heretic
I love Karl and hope to God this is all an act.
William Burns
Not so different from the theories of Empedocles.
3 TV series now, the third just ended.
More plausible than the Singularity.
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