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Desc:Slam! Let the boys be boys!
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:Teens, theft, flash mob
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Comment count is 14
James Woods - 2013-02-06
It's like a shitty people tornado.
James Woods - 2013-02-06
Wait, no! A miniature hurricane Katrina!

Eh! Guys? Guuuuys?

fractured - 2013-02-07
Or restorative justice. Maybe?

Something tells me kids with a lot of pocket money and parents who know the right people wouldn't organize something like this for a reason - they don't need to to get what they want.

James Woods - 2013-02-08
That's just poor character though man. I'm just kidding with the Katrina shit, but these are shitty people, regardless of race. I didn't exactly have what I needed growing up, but I learned to work and be disciplined. Don't think it's exactly Robin Hood esc to take money from the poor, turn it in to skittles and then give it to a different group of poor people.

Scynne - 2013-02-06
They're all black.
Udderdude - 2013-02-06
Great, give the police reason to suspect large groups of young people are about to raid someone's store. Nice job you little fucks.
urbanelf - 2013-02-06
More like flash ROB, amirite?
chumbucket - 2013-02-06
kids these days
Boxhead - 2013-02-06
When they criminalize switch-activated electrified security grates with motion activated tear-gas dispensers, only criminals will own switch-activated electrified security grates with motion activated tear-gas dispensers.
hentaiwolf - 2013-02-06
Don't worry. The NSAESGWMATGDA has our back. From my cold dead hands. Well, not cold...pretty hot really...probably still on fire from the electricity.

Old_Zircon - 2013-02-06
There are plenty of super-rich folks in New York they could be robbing, yet they're just harassing shopkeepers. Get your act together, kids.
Jet Bin Fever - 2013-02-06
I hate these fuckers. Newstands are suffering enough these days with how few people are buying print. Most are run by immigrants too (as they show here), and they don't deserve this sort of treatment from a bunch of dumb kids.
spikestoyiu - 2013-02-07
White people flash mobs involve dancing. I'm still not sure which one's worse.
Preybyemail - 2013-02-07
No black people tag? Really?
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