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Desc:Eating you out ain't going to happen. You won't even get a kiss!
Category:General Station
Tags:Obese, virgin, Lonely, TFL, obsessed with sex
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 22
Xenagama Warrior Princess - 2013-02-07
Oh no, this person is off of the market?

Be still my aching heart.
deadpan - 2013-02-07
Ironically, asking your partner "What do you want me to do?" is pretty good sex advice for nervous first-timers.
Oscar Wildcat - 2013-02-07
You can tell he's given quite a bit of thought to the things he doesn't even know about or want to do, especially to girls, but boys too.

Rudy - 2013-02-08
As is "You gonna make me turn pretty?"

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-02-07
This guy is unhinged. The lack of focus. The mannerisms. He's one step from complete breakdown. Great find.
James Woods - 2013-02-07
"It's scared of me."

Poor fella.
Xenocide - 2013-02-08
He's right, though.

Sex is the opposite of this guy.

Hooker - 2013-02-08
The inner trembling here is fantastic.
StanleyPain - 2013-02-08
Great find. This guy's videos are all either about how much he hates pussy or how much he absolutely loves chainsaws. (or videos claiming chainsaws are better than pussy) I sense autism, but I guess years of internet exposure will do that.
Koda Maja - 2013-02-08
I really hope this guy doesn't try to fuck a chainsaw.

TeenerTot - 2013-02-08
A sick part of me kinda hopes he does. And films the attempt.

Maru - 2013-02-08
What is general station???
Adham Nu'man - 2013-02-08
Never get off at General Station, you ride that train into town you hear me?!? NEVER GET OFF AT GENERAL STATION.

Toenails - 2013-02-08
General Station is pure distilled poetv. At least in my political-themed fan fiction animorph webcomics it is.

Xenocide - 2013-02-08
Giving up: the video
Blue - 2013-02-08
This guy is fucking weird. He doesn't want kids, but he hopes it's a boy. He doesn't want sex, but he also doesn't know how to have sex and seems angry about it. He talks about how if he married it would be an unhappy marriage because it would be sexless. Why would he think he would marry someone that wants sex? He talks about how there is no right person out there for you and they don't exist, but in an earlier video he follows that up with "If I ever met her, I'd tell her sorry, not interested, you're ten years too late".
rev.dinosaur - 2013-02-08
Good to see the TFL boys are coming up with new ways to make their videos unsettling. Sitting in car parked outside an undisclosed location is a stroke of genius, young genital hater.
themilkshark - 2013-02-08
This guy's a mess. That cross thingie dangling in the shot is worrisome. What kind of wacky religious sexual indoctrination made him like this? Did a bad experience like stage fright with a girl cause this? Is he just gay and can't accept it?
fatatty - 2013-02-08
Religion was definitely a part of his fucked up relationship with sex. I'm sure him declaring his hatred for sex at the age of 10 was met with resounding approval from parents and clergy.

Rudy - 2013-02-08
That cross looks like it's made out of empty ketchup packets which enhances the effect.

memedumpster - 2013-02-08
The arched eyebrows sideways head accented syllables on "first off" paints this man squarely as a dittohead.
yogarfield - 2013-08-28
i'm bound to get some pussy if i drive out to the woods and film an anti-sex rant.
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