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Desc:Manwoman who died late last year, was on a mission to take bak and ancient symbol from the Nazis
Category:Educational, Religious
Tags:tattoos, swastika, manwoman, religious artifacts
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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It really is too bad about the Nazis, if they hadn't used the swastika that thing would be all over the place right now.
If hitler really wanted to blow people's mind he would have used the star of david for the nazi symbol.
Innocent Bystander
Or maybe the plus sign? To give a false impression of positivity?

Jesus, I used to live in Cranbrook where Manwoman was. I met him (her, it?) a few times and did a bit of work on his website. A surprisingly down-to-earth person to talk to all things considered. Had no idea he died.
John Holmes Motherfucker

I'm impressed
"And this is Shiva's penis"

Sudan no1
You're acting like you've never seen Shiva's Penis before.

It's infinitely long and on fire, so it's hard to miss.

oh man.. i had this preload on for like 10 minutes while having a beer with a colleague and my other dutch colleague got to stare at a swastika full of doves on my computer screen...
Jet Bin Fever
Haha. Well done.

Pfft, Glenn Beck's collection has to be 10 times bigger.
And completely ignorant of any tibetan connection.

A lot of the older cast-metal lampposts in downtown San Francisco are covered in swastikas. I'm always surprised I don't hear about people protesting for their removal.
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