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Desc:A young african American lady explains how education = slavery
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:satan, education, christianity, slavery, thepostnihilist
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Comment count is 9
Also, she thinks that pretty much every source of information that doesn't reenforce her worldview is from the devil and that there are a lot of people who are really soulless demons pretending to be humans. Those are... the sort of beliefs that would justify murdering people.

She could easily be describing Christianity if it had an actual malevolent supernatural force behind it.

Part of why I don't ever really get worried that maybe Jesus is real is because if it was real it would be a pretty straightforward moral failure not to reject the fucking Bible.

Let's see, I can have everlasting life and live forever in a paradise as long as I blame all the bad stuff I do on someone that is literally completely innocent. If this shit happened in a movie, would the guy that suppressed his aversion to all the child rape in the Bible and took that deal have something GOOD happen to him at the end? Do you really wanna throw in with Beni from "The Mummy"?
John Holmes Motherfucker
You can watch her struggle with how ridiculous it all sounds. Maybe this is the first time she said it out loud?
Hay Belly
Can't watch anything involving Satan and paneling. Double whammy.
I'd have a discussion with her on the topic of her choice if you know what I mean.

She's right tho, definitions of god and satan aside. The economic system as it is attracts and rewards sociopaths.
She doesn't seem that stupid. I think she logically infers the conclusions that a person would probably have to with a reasonable conception of the world, though one that is predicated on the crazy belief that Satan is directly responsible for all evil.

"We are currently existing in a reality in which Satan is ruler, but it is a superficial rulership..."

You are absolutely correct, that reality is called "your mind" and you need to escape it as fast as you possibly can and never look back.
Wow, an actual, honest-to-God flat-earther! Subscribed!
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