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Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:racism, dave chapelle, kkk, white people, Clayton Bigsby
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Comment count is 11
In the long run, I'm glad that he bailed instead of becoming the next Eddie Murphy/Richard Pryor/etc.
For sure.

well not all black comedians sell out, you know

Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Bernie Mac, Martin Lawrence, Sinbad, Cedric the Entertainer...

Am I missing anyone?

I don't want to include Reggie Watts, but he did speak at a TED Talk.

White comedians can't sell out because they were born sold out.

I didn't like the implication that because you're black you will eventually sell out.

all comedians are whores

holy shit I actually can't come up with one counterexample.

It's because white people can't sell out, as per my previous post. And I mean White People in the pasty, WASPy, Caucasian way. There are plenty of former minorities who are now honorary white people who can still sell out in the same way black comedians do, it's just not as visible. I'm sure you can dig up examples of Italian and Irish and Jewish comedians who made their careers playing up negative stereotypes of their ethnic group. I'm too lazy to provide examples myself.

Or you know what, forget all of those other groups and just look at famous hispanic comedians, from Jose Jiminez (was he even really hispanic?) to Robert Rodriguez to Carlos Mencia.

Now name one famous white comedian whose act centers around playing up stereotypes of white people. I know I can't.

And let's not even get into the gender bullshit in comedy.

too late for OZ to see this, but Jeff Foxworthy.

This episode had me laughing so hard it hurt, hurt real bad.
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