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Category:Cartoons & Animation, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:tmnt, Shameless, Horrible cartoon infinity, the 90s, Samurai Pizza Cats
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I still sing the theme song, I have it committed to memory.
I remember this show being pretty bad.

Somehow it's even worse than I remember.
When I started searching for this I thought I'd never actually seen the show, but then I saw the preview image and horrible memories started flooding back.

This show always came on right before I had to go to school. As a result I've never seen a whole episode, I just grew up leaving 18 minutes in, right as the big action-packed climax was about to take place.
The Mothership
yet another POETV singularity. astoundabad.
Horrible Cartoon Infinity is what drove Georg Cantor to madness, I am now certain.
Caminante Nocturno
This show was the best thing Saban ever ruined.
Jet Bin Fever
This show ain't bad really. It's not great either though. It falls in that great big forgettable void in the middle.
The best thing about this show was that it was never translated. Instead of trying to reinterpret or explain all the japanese-history and culture-related jokes and concepts in the show, they (according to legend) just said "fuck it" and basically had the voice actors ad lib as much as possible. Often using alcohol to help.
It's actually true. They basically went the MST3K route and just sarcastically interpreted every scene from what they thought was happening just by looking at it, and pulled just enough story out of their ass for each episode to string it together. It doesn't in any way shape or form follow the scripts of the Japanese version.

Then again, Saban was responsible for this, and all the live action series they did (Power Rangers, V.R. Troopers, etc.) were basically done the same way with the footage they used from the Japanese shows, minus the humor.

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