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Desc:7 years well-spent...you can FEEL the tension!
Category:Video Games
Tags:Aliens, alien, Duke Nukem Forever, gearbox, shovelware
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blue vein steel
no spaceballs tag?

The Mothership
oh come now, that's no attitude to have. this is totally a spaceballs reference.

No 'also his spaceballs are huge' tag?

Binro the Heretic
Gotta love the classics.
For the record, I down voted this on the hopper by accident. Five stars awarded in penance.
Oh god yes
I've read that you can find a straw hat and cane in the med lab in game... I'll report back tomorrow when I play the game. Got a copy of for Xmas and plan to play the shit out of it.
blue vein steel
good luck, apparently it sucks balls

I've watched some playthroughs online and it looks boring as fuck. Basically just a very limited, claustrophobic shooter designed in a very old-school fashion (in a bad way) where you go from point A to point B, pick up some shit, go to point C, do some event like defend a point for 30 seconds, move on, etc. It would probably be great if the graphics and atmosphere were spot on, but they're not. The graphics are embarassingly bad (I especially like the 2-D texture sprite for the acid "splat" when you shoot an alien) for something made with the Unreal engine, and the audio sounds like the Doom 2 Aliens WAD.
The dialog is all this dumb, forced military chatter bullshit similar to Call of Duty or something and, oddly, they got Lance Henriksen back to voice a Bishop droid that talks to over your intercom, AND another in-game character who's with you for most of the early parts of the game which is confusing as fuck since you never know which of them is talking to you. The multiplayer seems pretty fun but the maps are friggin awful which might explain why Gearbox is basically just going to launch the planned maps DLC now for free instead of waiting.


Oh man, Stanley. You missed the "dynamic lighting? What's that? Just paint some 2D textures on the walls to make it look like light and shadow"

It's getting hard to keep track of all Dessert's A:CM videos.

UPDATE: Having fun, especially at the higher difficulties. Co-op is a blast. Definitely a welcome late Xmas present, as it was presented to me.

So does every gamer have to drink each time this happens?
Innocent Bystander
Check please!

*pats copy of Alien vs. Predator 2 and ignores the silly silly game video*
MacGyver Style Bomb
And Capcom can't re-release the arcade game.

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