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Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:Zombies, FPS, indie games, WTF Russia, comic sans
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Comment count is 10
Is this a book trailer? because this really makes me want to go read a book.
Where the hell is that supposed to be? Holland?

And I guess nobody's survived the zombie apocalypse to make it to the giant spider at the end before.
Didn't exactly knock it out of the park there
so bad it's bad
Holy fuck this guy knows Latin!
Jet Bin Fever
So the plot consists of a breakdancing spider resurrecting the dead to shoot lasers at each other. Cool.
Googling "why the dead are alive" uncovers a treasure trove of truly crazy shit.
Z from zombie
I think FPS in the tags stands for "frame per second". Note the use of singular.
You know, I HAVE often wondered why the dead are alive! I look forward to an informative experience.
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