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Desc:The Best Gamers return with a new review and take some pot shots at Yahtzee.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:video games, Yahtzee, multiplayer, Anarchy Reigns, the best gamers
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 21
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
I dont like it when they actually try to make a serious point
"God forbid I actually took time to figure out how to play a game before I started calling it bullshit."

I know nothing of the controversy behind this, but that made me laugh. Plus, these guys have a lot of good will built up with me for the Mass Effect 3 review.
Yahtzee and others often make the case that games which have multiplayer features and a campaign/single player mode should be able to stand on the campaign alone. These guys are poking fun at that concept, especially for a fighting game. Yahtzee's more common arguments against multiplayer being the focus is that Australia's internet (which is his provider) sucks and that other people are assholes/morons.

I tend to agree with him for the most part (i.e. Borderlands, which was beloved for its multiplayer, but the single-player campaign was crap, if not downright boring), but for a fighting game, expecting the single player game to be amazing is a bit much. As for "learning your player," I can't say, since maybe the controls ARE really shitty. I dunno. I play games with a keyboard and mouse, anyway.

That's a stupid argument. I've never played Defense of the Ancients, but by all accounts it's a fantastic game. If it was the exact same and had a lame single-player slapped on, would that make it an awful game?

Sounds like Yahtzee and people that agree with him want to justify being bitter about not being able to play / not enjoying multiplayer games.

It's not bitterness, it's common sense. There are things he likes in games, and things he doesn't. He doesn't like JRPGs and multiplayer, he likes a good story and stealth games. He's fully aware other people like these things, but that doesn't mean he can't rapidly and humorously rant about why he doesn't.

People take game reviewers too seriously. It's all subjective what you like, so if they don't like the same thing you do, who cares?

Well, I'm accusing him of starting with a conclusion and then finding a way of getting there, which is an issue with personal honesty. At least, based on SPK's post.

Yahtzee is no different from any ign reviewer that plays a game for 5 minutes and says the game sucks. People just want to hear a guy with a british accent trash popular games.

I dunno...these guys were funnier when they actually made reviews that had a whiff of plausibility. It seems like lately they just blatantly make joke reviews that aren't even remotely straight enough to pass as parody and half the time they're laughing and losing their composure in the commentary itself. It's humorous, but it was way better when they were trolling better.
I was not interested in their stupid "loud house" that was completely straight. It was boring and all their videos felt really long. I hope this is better.
They lay it on thick with the tim & eric dumb guy thing, and the phony corpsing, but when they finally tip their hand and just start talking straightforwardly about the game, it's fine. RC's straight game reviews are some of the best on youtube.
I know! You know those redlettermedia reviews everyone love? lets do that for video games! we'll get totally internet famous.

MacGyver Style Bomb
Heavy-handed, but damn valid arguments made.

The game is fun. All that matters.
thank god the video game companies have someone to stand up for them
Requesting "Inside voice" or "Calm voice" tag.
This needed to be 3 minutes long. And maybe only feature the first guy. Also I need a check for ,000 and three girlfriends. And people need to be nicer to each other in general.
James Woods
Stroke Guy without the stroke or the funny.
Jet Bin Fever
Father Avalanche
Yahtzee is actually witty, and his videos are half as long as this.
I will never understand the people who get angry at Yahtzee reviews. Do they really think people watch him for a critical opinion?

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Yes! I agree! They are entertaining!... Also not even because they are well written imo.. Its the delivery that makes them for me. His funny voice + pixelated cock images on various things flashing up.
(Also I really *hate* the intro music. I always skip that)

Bought it day one. Super wish it got more love, but I also wish modern multiplayer games in general had split screen options so I could play people outside of the comp when no one is on. Also, it would be nice if you could sub people for the comp, I feel like I'm one of the only people who really liked Deathball, could hardly find a game though.
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