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Category:Video Games
Tags:Chivalry, screams of the damned, low gravity, AAA, AAAA
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Comment count is 17
FABIO - 2013-02-15
So this game is like Dark Souls PvP without all the bullshit?
duck&cover - 2013-02-15
fedex - 2013-02-15
nice one!

Triggerbaby - 2013-02-15
That's worth some stars.

StanleyPain - 2013-02-15
The Mothership - 2013-02-15
this totally reminds me of old late 90s quake 2 team fortress mods. also, as a medieval scholar, I love the screams and the lack of gravity.
Redford - 2013-02-15
This brings back fond memories of messing around as an admin on the Lunixmonster PVK server and accidentally causing a huge crash because I set the friction to a value greater then one.

Craptabulous - 2013-02-15
I just got to play this for myself last night. It's probably the most fun I've had with a sword game in a while. It plays like crouching tiger hidden dragon and as long as you don't have archers running around, it's really great. Free-for-all pvp is REALLY FUN, especially on the arena map. Kicking guys into spike walls? Fuck yeah. Highly suggest it.
takewithfood - 2013-02-15
I used to play this, too - it's excellent. Buggy, and not very well optimized, but it's an indie game, and well worth the money.

If anyone wants to find this server, it's called Panda Space.

Sanest Man Alive - 2013-02-15

Hilariawesome banshee knights aside, this game looks like a somewhat finer-tuned Mount & Blade, so I guess I'm obligated to pick it up at some point.
chumbucket - 2013-02-15
Looks like so much fun.
Rudy - 2013-02-15
Sounds like it too!

Xenagama Warrior Princess - 2013-02-15
We're knights on the moon
We fight with our harpoons.
deadpan - 2013-02-15
And here I thought War of the Roses was winning this contest when they announced they got Brian Blessed to be the game's announcer.

Nice move, Chivalry.
Kumquatxop - 2013-02-16
Holy shit. Why can't every game have yelly moon mode?
Louddetective - 2013-02-17
This looks awesome!
Bort - 2013-08-27
Next time I see some kids in an inflatable bouncy castle, I'm giving them some weapons.
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