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Desc:This was one of the most popular sitcoms in America for years..
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Jews, new york, Sitcoms, jewish people, goldbergs
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Comment count is 18
Father Avalanche - 2013-02-15
The Jews make sacrifices on an altar made of stone.
Father Avalanche - 2013-02-15
Wonderful submission, baleen.

delicatessen - 2013-02-15
So like us.
Father Avalanche - 2013-02-15
Even the furniture looks like ours!

baleen - 2013-02-16
That was the appeal, like the Cosby Show, but also a fantasia for immigrants who wanted to fit in. I think when the studios were taken over by megabanks the concerns of immigrants in the mainstream really started to go down the shitter.

chumbucket - 2013-02-15
DriverStabby - 2013-02-15
This was fucking adorable. I love Uncle David. And Boojie. He didn't seem very Boojie though.
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2013-02-16
Did everybody notice that the actress who plays Molly owned the copyright on the show ? That seems kind of remarkable.

I love that, on POETV, we can all five star a video for being fucking adorable.

So fucking adorable!
Senator_Unger - 2013-02-16
Eastern European Jews are so sweet, how could anyone hate them?
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2013-02-16
For it sitcom, it really doesn't have a lot of jokes, and you don't miss them.
robotkarateman - 2013-02-16
The internet-hardened cynic in me wanted to find something stupid, or racist, or dumb, anything to poke fun of in this video - and I just couldn't. This is the sweetest, most sincere thing I've ever seen on this site. Thank you for this.
cognitivedissonance - 2013-02-16
Chocolate box, but inoffensively so.
cognitivedissonance - 2013-02-16
Reading up on this... it was a radio show that lasted for 15 years until the man who played the husband died, and when they decided to move it to television, people actually mourned when they replaced him with another actor. Originally lived in a Bronx walk-up and Mrs. Goldberg would start every episode with a monologue to an unseen neighbor in the street below.

DriverStabby - 2013-02-16
"Yoo hoo, Mrs. Bloom!"

baleen - 2013-02-16
She'd also start the show with a very long, meandering stereotypical Jewish mother shpiel about the benefits of Sanka, her main sponsor. The show would segue directly from her talking out the window about Sanka, "You should switch to decaf, because we're wired all the time and need to relax, don't you? And don't you want the good taste of Sanka, I mean, you should because you deserve it, don't you?", and then go right into the cheery Jewish family idyll that must have made its 10 million viewers feel relaxed and accepted/tolerant.

I've watched a few episodes of this show over the past couple months, and it always seems to cheer me up even though it's so over the top.

memedumpster - 2013-02-16
Such sweet and harmless white people!
chairsforcheap - 2013-02-16
dude, straight up, classic boojies.
joelkazoo - 2013-02-16
The lack of a laugh track really helps.
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