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Desc:Yes, he will do ANYTHING for his imaginary horse girlfriend
Category:Horror, Crime
Tags:idiot, mcdonalds, apple pie, my little pony, brony
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taken from the first act of The Masque of the Red Death.
You scamp you.

well spent.
Wait...he said he'd have to "go back home and call it in", but then he is clearly calling in his order to McDonald's from a Burger King parking lot. Does he live in that parking lot?
Jet Bin Fever
"I'm about to do the best thing in my entire life," and it just gets worse from there. Well, the course of true love never did run smooth.
Lord and Lady of the good kingdom Lonely

The fastest growing country in the world.

pressed peanut sweepings
The bastard, he is sad.
Okay, psychiatry, your time is now, why aren't you addressing this mental breakage epidemic?
The category.
He should have gone to Sweet Apple Acres for the pies instead.
How do I place food order
You have to call it in, sir.

Spaceman Africa
Oh no, the original embarrassing brony video channel was taken down. So many poeTV submissions lost.
Wait. He got screwed with the order and had to wait who knows how long, because the woman on the phone didn't do her job?

I would've demanded at least 50% off the price or something, you can't fuck around customers like that.
You've actually got a point there. Looks like they made him pay in advance too. Granted it IS an unusual order, but he was a serious customer.

Maybe he should go to consumerist.org and complain about this outrage.

It's interesting how many Americans take "the customer is always right" nonsense seriously, as if it's literally true. It leads to a ridiculous sense of entitlement, and I'm surprised that, of all the things to comment about in this video, poor customer service at a McDonald's was one of them.

If you eat at McDonald's, you deserve poor customer service. If you're a brony ordering 100 apple pies for your imaginary horse girlfriend, you deserve to be punched by the entire staff, "serious customer" or not.

***** For CIWB. Seriously I'll bet the worker told the manager about the order, but the manager probably ignored it. "Who's ordering 100 pies?"
"Some giggly kid."

66 + 36. An even 100.

Oh for fuck sake.
William Topaz McGonagall
Meanwhile in Africa
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