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Desc:Open-air gym that was built in the 1980s by a professor of cybernetics.
Category:Sports, Educational
Tags:gym, communism, rust, tetanus, kiev
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Comment count is 9
rectal thermometers?

recycled dicks


Jet Bin Fever
Its too bad they can't do another Rocky. This would be a great place for a new coldwar villain to train. The chains make everything look a lot more ominous.
For those playing along at home, the original description ended in a word that was cut off, leaving only "rec."

I know explaining the joke is bad form, but future generations need a Rosetta Stone here and there.
I can't understand Russian, but this is how it starts:

"Look at these faggots. Hipster fags. They don't even know how to lift weights. I've been coming here every day since I was a kid. Yeah. Look at these idiots."
Old People
"Sport go forward, you! All across Soviet Union, athleticalists are stronging to smash capitalism! Some Russian are doing Spordiball, some are doing Gloat-Lash, but grandest of Communists are proudly cruelling through loyal horrors of BURLYDROME.
Today is standard BURLYDROME: sorrow with us during bench-toss, lat-flip, ham-strain, and even a little bit of glute-twirl thrown in at end to remind us all that life is not about happy chef or singing dog: life is about grimstruggle. Bring to this place only self, soul, broiled strand of kulak, vodka if need to refresh."
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