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boscokitty - 2006-02-16

I enjoyed this very much!

baleen - 2006-05-28

"i did the perm." this is beyond belief.

Namor - 2006-06-04

George Bush is from Connecticut you morons.

Spit Spingola - 2006-08-07

Who created this leaf? Allah did!

Crucifried - 2006-12-03

The stars at night, are big and bright, deep in the heart of the prophet Mohammed.

Exegesis_Saves - 2006-12-06

0:54-1:18 Not so much a step forward as a step sideways. The god of Abraham brings my piss to a boil

xenocide - 2007-02-07

In agreement with Exegesis: You could just swap out some nouns and make that a Christian spiel.

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