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Desc:He seems to be okay with it.
Tags:Snake, sweater, missing the point, hipster, torpid and mellow
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God bless


standing o.
Youre making me feel so many feels right now.
Thank you for the video switcheroo.
5 magnificent stars
I know they're trying really hard to make us come away from this demonstration with the message that Pot Is Super Dangerous and Will Kill You, but all I got from this is that, if you want to drive high, it helps to stop being a lightweight.

Thanks, Amy Pond!
Oscar Wildcat
...and another wooden stake through the undying yet eternally dead heart of Harry Anslinger.

Did we watch the same video? Because I didn't get that at all. It seemed incredibly unbiased, and the fact that they were repeatedly pointing out the fact that the people were several times over the legal limit but barely making any mistakes made it seem fairly pro marijuana to me.

yeah. I drive stoned all the time and i am amazing. LAZER.

No one is advocating driving under the influence of anything, but put it in perspective: The lady was 7x over the legal limit, and barely impaired. If you were at 7x the legal BAC limit you would be around 0.5 and unconscious or possibly dead...

Oscar Wildcat
It strongly suggests that the first stab at a reasonable legal limit is ridiculously low. I second the notion that a booze cruise is in order here. Just how Terrible is this drug that my alcoholic parents warned me about? Let's find out...

Yeah, what? This was the furthest possible thing from some scare video.


.3 is 5x the legal limit?

.3 is MAYBE one big bowl. Maybe. Thats a couple hits.

What's more powerful than a facepalm?
Generally speaking, just don't do any drugs and get behind the wheel. There's no acceptable limit for stupidity and motor vehicles.

True, and true. the few times i drove stoned (not drunk, even, but just stoned) I was sober within 5 minutes and extremely stressed, paranoid, and regretting smoking my last bowl beforehand.

Needs a "torpid and mellow" tag.
LOL Let's just keep giving them drugs until there is a problembses.
Sign me up.

This needs to be a theme week.
A single tear dropping from my eyeball hole.
The Mothership
this video has taught me that .3 nano grams is nothing and that the legal limit should be raised. this is not a scare video at all.
this video has taught me that I might have a "type."

The God of Biscuits
I knew a snake. That, sir, is no snake.
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