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Desc:DragonCon 2012
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Humor
Tags:chrono trigger, hentai, tentacle rape apologist
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James Woods
Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffff yikes.
Dread Pirate Roberts
I end up in, uh, JUH-Paan.
This. The reverential way he says Japan is worth five stars alone. All the other extra awkward is just gravy.

Christ, the comments. You think you know what you're getting yourself into, and then BAM! Nerd PUA's sharing their secrets on how to turn comic conventions into wild sex orgies.

"Wear deodorant and a cool costume and then that Lara Croft booth model will TOTALLY BANG YOU."

Also, Japanese Coast Guard.
My understanding is that you don't need to do much of anything to turn this sort of convention into an orgy. That's kind of the point of them.

Anyone know hotel staffers who've had to work during conventions like this? I've always wondered about the reactions and stories.
I imagine the clean-up is similar to the westminster dog show.

I've heard some pretty horrific shit's gone down at DragonCon, I mean some "people called the cops" stuff, especially in regards to stalking, sexual harrasment and the like. Supposedly, for instance, a few years ago a few con-goers were attempting to mob inebriated women into rooms for gangbangs and the con leaderships' response was to ignore it, but ban attendees who called the police about it.

Even a cursory googling shows that the big anime cons leave with several news report about rapes and abductions. Lots of gullible teenagers being preyed on by 30 year-olds they met on the internet and whatnot.

Macho Nacho
I usually read about girls being hit on by creepy guys and people getting their stuff stolen.

tentacle rape apologist is a tag that needs a future here.
The rainbow of diverse colors known as: autism.
Sexy Duck Cop
Why did his cruise ship have to get shipwrecked to land in Japan? Couldn't he have just booked a flight directly there?
Sexy Duck Cop
And if the tentacle monster race has a monarchy, why would they expose their king to the threat of Octoslashing? Shouldn't he be protected by his space armada? No no, this won't do at all.

I thought the description was the answer. Donald Duck looks on in horror from his shirt as he fingers himself to demonstrate tentacle rape.
And to think, he probably wasn't even close to being the creepiest person in attendance at DragonCon.
For the cherry on top at the end.
Long hair much?
All five stars for ghetto man-Lucca at the very end.
John Salt
I find this guy kind of endearing. He is clearly more interested in having cool armor than getting boinked by anime coast guard babes.
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