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Desc:watching this makes you an islamofacist, subject to a drone strike
Category:Trailers, Horror
Tags:documentary, Israel, Palestine, terrorism, shin bet
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The Mothership
Victory is simply the creation of a better political reality.

is that a coinage, or is he repeating someone else?
He's quoting Solid Snake in the MGS4 opening.

Reserving stars until I see it, but it kinda just looks like a platform for a bunch of assholes to wax philosophical.
I don't know, to me, the thoughts of six former directors of Shin Bet on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a little more than "a bunch of assholes (waxing) philosophical." Call me crazy.

your resume doesnt make you any less an asshole

Well... their job was to kill terrorists, not think. But if they mention that Israel should maybe stop building settlements or muse about how Gaza and the West Bank might be a little like prisons or bantustans, they might surprise me. Maybe they'll say that torture isn't really that effective in solving their occupation problem, the possibilities are endless.
Void 71
This kind of propaganda is a lot more disturbing than what North Korea puts out because it's going to be accepted as a legitimate documentary and given plenty of awards.
Anything that says Israel does anything bad is propoganda!

Void 71
This is the equivalent of a documentary about the CIA featuring every former director who's still alive.

It should also be noted that Israel is the only first world country that still practices apartheid.

Meanwhile in the Ultradimensions, El Shaddai and Allah sit and have beers and sandwiches, playing the Game. El Shaddai is on the ropes with only 14,000,000 pawns left against Allah's 1,500,000,000, but that shit didn't matter when Marduk thought he was Game Master, did it? Fuck no, no one plays this game better than the God of Armies.

Besides, The Jesus is patiently waiting for a rematch.
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