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Desc:with obligatory slo-mo.
Category:Pets & Animals, Science & Technology
Tags:slo-mo, hawk, BIRDegory, goshawk
Submitted:Sudan no1
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Comment count is 16
Ellie was the only one to make it through all the tests intact. The rest went to goshawk heaven.
An animal that has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to be extremely adept at flying through small spaces is really good at flying through small spaces.
Can't really rate this, because either evolution is a thought experiment that makes perfect sense when you think about it, or the godhead hates you for even entertaining the idea??? or something like that.

The point of the video is that this bird is completely dope.

There is no god or cosmic intelligence, the birds who couldn't do this were splattered to feathered gore in the Death Star run while the ones with the Force lived to make high performance bird babies.

I love every vid of these birds I have ever seen!

sure there's a god, it just doesn't talk to jerks

Syd Midnight
Y'know how if you shake up a bag of pretzels or crisps, the broken ones fall to the bottom? That's proof that God prefers unbroken pretzels. Laws of thermodynamics, intelligent design, checkmate etc.

Uncute animal, hard to relate to or anthropomorphize, -1 star.
"Thanks to the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, the impossible is easy."
Oscar Wildcat
But _most_ of all,
my spastic hawk,

Oh yeah.
Time to buy more wolf urine.
Using her legs to launch herself at her prey:

infinite zest
Better than using her teeth!

infinite zest
(my ex) :)

Menudo con queso
Why are the murder machines the most thrilling animals to watch?
Syd Midnight
My cockatiel learned how to do an Immelman to turn the tables on bullying parakeets.
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