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Tags:Rap, black people, PARENTING!, lil poopy
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Comment count is 12
Back in my day, kid rappers had ballsy names like Kriss Kross and they did badass things like wearing their pants backwards! Now get offa my lawn and take your small bowel movement with you.
What the shit, I just shared this video with a friend of mine and was going to submit it....
Submit this one:

Actually, the person whose Facebook wall I saw it on is linked to me through two people in the PoE Facebook group, so this might not be so mysterious after all.

James Woods
How do I find the facebook page? I cant find it anymore. :(

Jet Bin Fever
We have a facebook page? I don't have a facebook page, but I'm curious about it.

I unsubscribed from it years ago when the creepily obsessed, socially broken "chat cabal" people from POEN started to get so bad that they were cyberstalking users. I don't think it ever got bad enough that anyone harassed anyone on facebook or outside of POEN for the most part (except for that one guy eons ago that Chet or whoever had to get restraining orders against), but those people are so fucked up that I wouldn't have put it past them.

It's pretty much me, Hooper, Alienjack and a couple other people whose POE names I forget posting stupid news stories a couple times a week these days.

If you search for "Portal Of Evil!" it should show up. I just checked.

Sudan no1
You know the world's gone to shit when real life starts imitating Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
poopy...poopy! poopy, poopy, poopy, poopy!
James Woods
Great Job!

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